A 14-Year Old Returns

Pushing messaging platforms beyond their boundaries

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Rest in Peace: Data-Graphics Visionary Hans Rosling.

Hans Rosling, one of the world’s foremost visionaries about data-driven graphics has died of pancreatic cancer in his native Sweden, the BBC reports. He primarily taught how to use graphic information about public health.

Here are two examples of Rosling’s presentations: 200 Countries in 200 Years in Five Minutes.  And Five Ways the World is Doing Better Than You Think.

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The Prospect of News Stories Produced with Automated Fact-Checking

The British firm FullFact says that it (and other firms) are close to providing software that can automatically check the facts in news stories and in that statements of people quoted in those stories. https://fullfact.org/blog/2016/aug/automated-factchecking/

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China Ahead of Silicon Valley on Mobile Technologies

Alumnus of our New Media Business course will be quite familiar with today’s New York Times story about how China’s mobile technologies now eclipse Silicon Valley’s. Fortunately, at least half the postgraduate students enrolled in the course are from China, which makes the fact easier to demonstrate to everyone.

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Nokia’s Comeback: Cameras For Filming Virtual Reality

Nokia is announcing Ozo, a next-generation professional camera for capturing audio and video in 360 degrees. Nokia intends for the device, which is now in its preproduction phase, to become the default mode of shooting virtual-reality experiences for Hollywood, the media, and the advertising industry. Read more.

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